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Know The Signs Of Bed Bug Infestations

If you spot signs that you have bed bugs in your home, call Adams Insect Control Inc. as soon as possible. Look out for black or brown spots on fabric, small blood smears, and itchy welts on your skin. Before we arrive, please ask about the best steps to take to prepare for the treatments.

Treat bed bug infestations

Bed bugs can be found throughout your home and feed on blood. They can cause allergic reactions in some people and it is important to take care of infestations as fast as possible.

• Furniture crevices

• Under mattresses

• Carpets

• Luggage

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Bed bug inspections

Adams Insect Control Inc. will perform inspections to check for the presence of bed bugs and take the necessary actions needed if they are found. Chemical treatments will be used to get rid of all bed bugs.

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Make sure your future home or place of business in safe for your family and employees with our home and building inspections.